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AUGUSTA, GA (WJBF) – An outing to Lake Olmstead turned into an experience one father and son will never forget.

Seth Straughn recently went to play a game of disc golf with his seven-year-old son, Parker, and his friend Nathan. When he noticed a group of players on the course, one player stuck out.

“I got to look at one of the gentlemen that was in the group and he looked really familiar and I noticed he was wearing some Puma and I asked him what his name was and when he said ‘Bryson’ I knew right away that it was Bryson DeChambeau,” said Seth.

Seth, who is a big golf fan, wasn’t able to score tickets to this year’s Masters Tournament; so, it was a special experience to get to meet Bryson.

“I love playing golf and I love disc golf, so it was kind of cool seeing the two cross over here. It’s probably cooler than actually being able to go to a practice round or tournament round, because we were able to interact for a lengthy period of time,” said Seth.

After taking some pictures with DeChambeau, Seth says he fully expected the golfer and his group to move past them; but that’s when the unexpected happened.

“I fully expected that Bryson would take off and be on his way and I would’ve been totally fine with that and understanding; but that’s what was really cool, was to see him stick around and we continued to play disc golf and, so, we finished the round. We talked about golf, we talked about disc golf. This was apparently his second time ever playing, so it was cool to kind of give him some pointers,” said Seth.

Seth says the way DeChambeau interacted with his son made him an even bigger fan and hopes this story will show people another side of the golfer.

“I’m hoping this will show a human side of Bryson and people will root for him, because he was extremely nice and courteous and that spoke highly of his character. If I could get in touch with Bryson, I’d love to play more disc golf with him. So, hopefully he can get a hold of me if he wants to play some more next year,” said Seth.

Seth says the experience is something he and his son will share for the rest of their lives and he thanks Bryson for being so down to earth.