7 Easy ways to protect yourself from COVID-19 as you leave lockdown

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Many states including Texas are reopened to the public after Phase III of Reopen Texas issued by Gov. Abbott a few weeks ago. However, Texas is still increasing in COVID-19 cases each day after “flattening the curve” during the initial shut down in late March.

Texas reaches 5K reported COVID-19 cases in one day

Now that states across the country are reopening and/or loosening up restrictions, it’s time to be careful and take special safety precautions when going out in public. However, COVID-19 is still alive and well.

 1. Clean your cell phone often and well. A study shows that most Americans check their phones 52 times a day.

2. Deep clean your desktop computer and laptops at least once a day. Keyboards and mice at least once a week.

3. We don’t often think to clean our sunglasses, but keeping eyeglasses and sunglasses clean is recommended since you likely to touch them and your face a few times a day.

4. Clean those car and home door handles.

5. If you carry wipes in your purse, give your purse a good wiping as well as your wallet.

6. How often do you wash your mask? If you wash it once a week, that’s not nearly enough. Experts recommend washing your masks after each use. Either in the laundry or soak them in soap or detergent.

7. When taking public transportation, practice social distancing, wear your mask and use good hand hygiene.

It’s up to us to stay protected. According to Healthline, here are 7 simple ways to protect yourself.

What other precautions are you taking to protect yourself? Share your thoughts and ideas in how you and your family are staying safe during the pandemic and re-openings.

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