Build better core strength and powerful arms with this boxing-inspired workout

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We have something fun you can throw into your workout routine! It'll burn major calories without you even realizing it! Lindsey shows us how to use our muscles to pick a fight...with a punching bag that is!

LINDSEY: "For the gym junkies who might be super strong, what good is that strength if we can't harness it to kick someone's butt? Just kidding, I would never hurt a fly!

Justin teaches a fight class at Life Time. Actually, Justin says the motivation to take this class should NOT be to stir up some beef you've got with a neighbor! You make no promises of being able to knock someone out, right?!"

JUSTIN HOWELL: "That's right, the class is more about developing your core strength, balance and power! Plus, you'll burn major calories and work up a good sweat! But if you ever need to defend yourself, you'll be better prepared!"

LINDSEY: "Okay let's get down to it! Justin show us how it's done!"

JUSTIN: "Okay, we're starting with a jab cross. You get more power by rotating your hips toward the bag as you punch. Jab with the left, swivel the hips and punch with the right.

Now let's go into a jab, cross, high kick! Jab with the left hand, power through the hips to punch with your right, reset, then swing your hips again to kick with your right leg.

Finally we're going with a cross punch with the left hand, cross punch with the right hand, left elbow, right elbow, grab the bag, drive your right knee into the bag, then the left knee."

LINDSEY: "Now no one is gonna mess with me, because thanks to Justin, I've got skills!"

You monitor your heart rate through the class to see how many calories you burn. You can burn over 500 calories during a one hour class!



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