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Standing at 6 feet 6 inches tall, Chad Lindberg of Clear Creek High School isn’t tough to pick out of a crowd, but his coach is quick to tell us there’s more than meets the eye.

“He’s a great student athlete,” Coach Dwayne Lane said. “He’s number 25 in his class and that transfers over to the football field because he is a great leader for us out here by example.”

Coach Lane said the team’s culture values work ethic, commitment and accountability. All qualities, he says, Chad exemplifies to the fullest. The player has had a passion for football since he was young and he’s excited to compete at the next level.

“I like finishing a play,” Chad said. “When you’re driving somebody and you drive them to the ground, just the end of a play is always so satisfying.”

Come next fall, he’ll be driving folks to the ground while wearing red and black as player for the Georgia Bulldogs.

“Texas or Georgia, Texas or Georgia, I just couldn’t pick. Then I decided Georgia,” Chad said. “It just kind of came from my heart that it was the better place, the better opportunity education wise to get a good business degree and also to go to the NFL.”

Chad credits his older brother for pushing him to do his best in school, even when extra effort was required.

“He’s kind of driven me to work hard in school and its tough balancing with football because those AP classes do load you up with homework. Last year, I just took five and one of them was an hour and a half a day at least.”

There’s no question chad is ambitious and coach doesn’t question his future success, partly because he stays so grounded.

“He’s very thankful for what he does have and where he’s at and he doesn’t take it for granted,” Lane said.

Chad said he is looking forward to making the most of his senior season before heading to Georgia where he is interested in studying business or real estate.

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