Class Acts: Senior Juan Venancio is a name to remember— he could be your congressman one day! 

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He described himself as an average student in middle school. Now Sharpstown International School’s Juan Venancio has full-ride scholarships to three Ivy League universities. The senior wants to make his community a better place through public policy.

“There is an urge to see a new wave of people actively seeking out opportunities, actively seeking out a new voice in politics and I think that voice has come from the youth,” Venancio said.

John Sigren, Juan’s teacher, has no doubt this inspiring politician is meant to make a difference.

“Ever since he was a freshman, he has been dedicated, hard working and really engaged with what he’s learning, really interested in learning about the world and trying to find ways to make a difference in his community,” Sigren said.

Venancio is involved in Mi Familia Vota, National Honor Society, band, and he’s the school’s valedictorian with a smooth 4.72 GPA.

He’s quick to tell you he comes from humble beginnings and never dreamed that he would receive full rides to Harvard, Stanford and Princeton.

“To think that I was going to college in the first place was something that really struck me,” Juan said. “Harvard’s decision came out about four months ago, and Stanford and Princeton came out about a month ago; and it still feels like I read about them this morning.”

He’ll be the first Sharpstown International School student to go to an Ivy League school.

“I’m more proud of the fact that I can say that no barriers can stop you. If you have a dream, you set a goal and chase after it.”

Juan will make his decision on a college by the beginning of next month after he has the chance to visit Stanford and Harvard.


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