4 powerful workouts for strong, toned female arms

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Guys always seem to be concerned with adding upper body muscle to impress the ladies— so let's do curls for the girls! These exercises are twists on the standard way.
They hit the muscle differently and create more muscle growth.


Alternating inward bicep curl
Keep the upper part of your arm by your side as you scoop inward. 
Bicep curls holding one arm at 90 degrees while the other curls. 
Do as many reps as you can, then switch arms.
Ladies, I know one of our trouble spots is the layer of fat over the triceps. We call these "the wings!" I would say let's do tris for the guys, but nevermind! Let's do it for OURSELVES, ladies!


Overhead alternating arm tricep extensions
Hold the upper part of your arm in the same spot by your ear. Then bring the dumbbell all the way back so it disappears behind your head.
Dumbbell kickbacks.
Bend at the hips, and kick the dumbbells back until your arms are parallel with the floor.
You can do these exercises at home or in the office with a set of dumbbells. 

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