Cut down those candy calories with this post-Halloween workout

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Have you ever wondered how many calories you and your kids eat from Halloween candy? Well one candy bar, like a Snickers, has over 200 calories!

Let’s say you eat two Snicker bars. It’ll take you a full, one hour workout to burn that off! No worries! Fitness and Nutrition expert, Lindsey Day, is literally turning our Halloween candy into calorie burning exercises!

  1. First, we’re gonna shake off that Laffy Taffy at Life Time with some squat side steps! Get low and stay low. Step right, together, snap! Left, together, snap! Do this for 1 minute.
  2. So you ate a CRUNCH bar? Now put this twist on your crunches! Grab a dumbbell, crunch, crunch, twist left, twist right. You’ve got one minute of these!
  3. Kit Kat- you’ve got nothing on us! Break me off a piece of this pull up bar. As many as you can. Ladies, you can do these assisted.
  4. OK, now let me see that Tootsie Roll! Take a stability ball, lay on your back with the heels of your feet digging into the ball. Thrust your hips up and squeeze the glutes as you roll the ball toward you. That’s how to make that tootsie roll!
  5. Finishing up with a Starburst! Burst up into a star! Jump up and stretch the arms and legs out!



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