False Rumors of Coronavirus taking a toll on businesses in Houston’s Chinatown

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Since the Coronavirus broke out, we’ve seen the impact it’s had on people’s health around the world, and even on the world economy. Now businesses in Houston, specifically Houston’s Chinatown, are feeling the impact.

It’s important to note that the Coronavirus is not in Houston or any of its surrounding areas, but that’s not stopping mis-information from spreading. Rumors are circulating that it’s not safe to go to Chinatown, and business owners are really feeling the punch. Terry Won and his brothers are the owners of Blood Brothers. BBQ in Bellaire. They also have ties to a lot of local businesses and restaurants in town. That’s why Terry took to Facebook, pleading with the public to stop spreading rumors about the Coronavirus being in Houston, and to go out and support local businesses.

Even health officials are trying to do their part to dispel the rumors. The Harris County Public Health Department set up a webpage on their website with the latest numbers, and it shows that there are no confirmed cases in Harris County. They even have a myth busters and FAQ section.

But it’s easy to understand why and how these rumors have spread. Numbers from the CDC show 60 confirmed cases in the U.S., with some of those in Texas. However, 42 of those patients came here after being on that Diamond Princess cruise ship in Japan. Some of them are now in San Antonio in quarantine.

So before you read something on Facebook or some other social media platform and start re-posting it, check a credible source first so that you don’t go spreading mis-information.

In true Houston spirit, other businesses that aren’t feeling the impact are stepping up to help. In a pinned Facebook post, Axelrad Beer Garden is offering patrons free beer if you show up and show them your receipt that shows that you ate at a restaurant or business in Houston’s Chinatown.

Remember, the Coronavirus is not in Houston, so go out and support Houston’s Chinatown!  

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