Chair Workout To Overcome Injury and Limited Mobility

Fitness Friday
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It's Fitness Friday time! This goes out to anyone recovering from injury, or with limited mobility. It's hard to exercise in these situations, but movement is KEY for so many aspects of our health.

Personal trainer Lindsey Day explains and shows us an effective 20 minute workout you can do while sitting in a chair! Remember to check with your doctor to make sure it's safe for you to exercise.

Whether you can't stand burpees, or literally can't stand, this workout is for you!
Grab some light dumbbells or canned goods if you'd like!

  • Start by taking one hand to the opposite foot, and alternate at your own pace. Keep your spine straight and remember to breathe! did you know as little as 20 minutes of intentional movement can greatly improve everything from digestion to mood! Exercise stimulates what's called the vagus nerve, which is a connection from the brain to the gut.
  • Now we're going to raise the roof! Now while you're raising the roof- stomp the dance floor! Yes it's a party up in here! Plus, endorphins are released with exercise - which are hormones that literally make you happy! Yes, a little exercise goes a longer way than clothes fitting better!
  • Who says you need to play tackle football to win the Heisman?! Stick one arm and leg out to the side, then switch. This will work your hip flexors.
  • Rainbow rolls! Lift your arms up and over your head from one side to the other. Lift your legs until they're parallel with the ground if you can.

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