Don’t Be A “Dummie-Bell” – Give The Kettlebell A Swing!

Fitness Friday
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It's Fitness Friday time! When you go to the gym, you see a lot of people lifting dumbbells, but very few swinging kettlebells! We'll show you why kettlebells can give more bang for your workout buck!

Kettlebell exercises build strength and cardio endurance all in one, but there's even more to it than that! Personal Trainer, Lindsey Day, is here to explain with a quick kettlebell workout you can do at home!

You know what I used to think about kettlebells? Why do we need them? Dumbbells work just fine!

But now, I'm a "kettle-BELL-iever" and soon I think you will be too!

Kettlebells are so effective thanks to their unique shape. They have an odd center of gravity that extends beyond your body. This forces you to do more work with your abs and stabilizing muscles.

  • Kettlebell Swing : This is your basic kettlebell movement we'll build upon. Feet shoulder width apart, slight bend in the knees, push the pelvis back as you grab the kettlebell from the floor. With straight arms, swing the kettle bell up until your arms are parallel with the floor. A straight spine is key here!
  • Alternating Arm Kettlebell Swing - Now, hold the kettlebell with a single hand, and toss it into the other at the top of the movement.

Kettlebells give you a competitive edge on calorie burning! Basically, if you were to try these same moves with an equally weighted dumbbell, you would burn LESS calories with the dumbbell.

  • Kettlebell American Swing - Now you're bringing the kettlebell on a 180 degree trajectory, ending above your head.
  • Kettlebell Squat Snatch - You're going to squat, and snatch. Which actually works better than the bend and snap for attracting men. Tap the kettle bell to the floor with a straight spine, and the weight in the heels of your feet. Lead with the elbow as you stand and lift the kettlebell up. When the kettlebell is at chest level you're going to "snatch" by lifting the kettlebell straight overhead.

So next time you're at the gym, don't be a "dummie-bell" and give the kettlebell a swing.

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