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We've all heard of YOGA. But have you heard of FIRE yoga?!

We've seen all kinds of variations on yoga from water yoga to goat yoga! But Personal Trainer, Lindsey Day, is here to show us the latest twist on yoga!

LINDSEY: "Hey everyone! I want to introduce you to Randi from LifeTime who is going to set us on FIRE today... by leading us through a FIRE Yoga class, of course!

When I first heard the name I thought 'Oh, hot yoga!' You'll definitely break a sweat here too, but this is totally different!"

RANDI: "We do heat the room to over 90 degrees, but we are "firing you up" by mixing high intensity interval training with yoga poses."

LINDSEY: "Okay, now we're gonna go here because it's probably on everyone's mind. The point of yoga is usually to relax and destress, So it might seem contradictory... But calming down with yoga between HIIT sessions is brilliant and gives MORE fat loss and toning!"

RANDI: "That's right! This not only gives you benefits of improving flexibility and balance, but the class is structured to give that added benefit of toning and fat burning."

LINDSEY: "Ok let's show some of these moves!"

RANDI: "We're starting by windshield wiping the knees side to side to stretch the lower back. Open your heart to the sky. 

Let your feet plant, hips up, walk your hands toward your sitting bones. Take one hand to the opposite foot. Right hand to left foot, bring it back down then left hand to right foot. Start slow, then amp up the movements. Be explosive! Let's go fast for 10, 9, 8, 7, 6 5, 4, 3, 2, 1. Great job! 

We're moving into an upward dog into downward dog to calm the breath. 

Now let's get the heart rate up with another HIIT movement: mountain climbers. Start in a plank position, then jump one foot at a time up and then back. 

We'll end with a sun salutation. Namaste!"

LINDSEY: "Okay guys, this was challenging, relaxing and rewarding all at the same time! I'll be back for more!"

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