How to get back on track after Thanksgiving

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Have you loosened the belt buckle a notch or brought out the post-Thanksgiving stretchy pants?

If you’re like one of the many Americans who ate over 4,000 calories yesterday I have you covered with this post-Turkey FAT BLASTER workout!

We'll start with the perfect post-Turkey exercise: The Turkish getup!

You don't hear about this one often but it's a real thing!  Hold a dumbbell overhead. The rule is you have to get off the ground without using the hand the dumbbell is in OR pushing off the opposite foot.

Hey if you don't have a dumbbell, use some leftover canned pumpkin to knock this out!

It's a fun challenge! Plus, it's a great thing to try as a family! Try 5 on each side.

Next, because I know you'll be going in and out of the fridge for Thanksgiving leftovers, let's do 100 in and out jumps! Get in a plank position and jump your feet in and out.

Finally, pumpkin punches! Get into a squat, grab your canned pumpkin and punch 100 times!

To make that a full workout, rest one to two minutes and repeat a total of 4 to 5 times.

Excess carbs can easily be converted into fat by the body. That's why during this time of year, a simple workout like this, which burns mainly carbs for fuel, can help you put the stretchy pants back in the closet.

This type of interval workout can keep your metabolism elevated for up to two days after!

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