Quickly improve your daily life with these 6 simple excerises

Fitness Friday

Our latest Fitness Friday goes out to those who want to perform life’s daily activities injury free and with optimum ease! Here’s how to make things like carrying groceries, walking up stairs and getting on the floor with our kids less of a hassle!

Personal trainer, Lindsey Day, has the top six exercises for everyone — from beginners, to seniors to elite athletes!

When you think of life’s essential activities you might think taking a shower and brushing your teeth. I believe you should add squats and planks to that list!

Here are my 6 exercises essential for living your best life, injury free!


1) Assisted push up for my beginners. Regular push ups for intermediates. Dumbbell push-ups for the advanced.

Balance is a theme in life. Balanced muscles are way more than just aesthetically pleasing! They are ABSOLUTELY CRITICAL TO AVOID INJURY!


It’s key to keep opposing muscle groups in check! For example back opposes chest, so let’s follow this chest exercise, with a back staple.


2) Bent Over dumbbell rows to work, which work the back and shoulders.

Put a slight bend in the knees, and hinge at the hips about 60 degrees with a straight spine. Keep the body still and exhale as you row up.


3) You need those guns to carry your kids and groceries! Doing bicep curls is key to keep you from straining and injuring!

Keep the upper part of your arm right by your side as you curl up.


If we work the bicep, we have to work the opposing muscle group to avoid injury– the tricep!


4) Time for tricep kickbacks!

Hinge at the hips, keep the upper part of your arm parallel with the floor and kick your arm back until it’s all parallel with the floor.

5) Squat are a staple to work the legs! Beginners and seniors can start with a sit and stand, pushing out of the heels of the feet with a straight spine. Intermediates move to an air squat. Advanced trainees can move to the squat rack!

6) Planks! This works mainly the core, but also just about every muscle in the body. Core strength is key for every day activities, even climbing stairs!

Do those in some shape or form at least once a month -and you’re on your way to livin’ your best life… injury free!



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