Spring into your fitness goals with these weightless workouts

Fitness Friday
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Spring has sprung! Are you ready to rock the warmer weather wardrobe? Fitness and nutrition expert Lindsey Day has you covered with this quick at home workout!

No weights? No time? No problem! Here's a workout you can do at home in 20 minutes!

It burns more calories and shrinks more off the waist than an hour of cardio!

1- First, we're going with 1 minute of plank walk overs. Start in a plank position and walk your hands over 5 times, then back 5 times.

2- Now 1 minute of air squats. Keep the weight in the heels off your feet, shoulders back and chest up. Pulse once at the bottom for an extra challenge.

3- 1 minute of walk outs: walk your hands out into a plank position, then walk back in and stand up.

4- Finally, 1 minute of scissor jumps! Start with foot in front of the other then jump to switch the leg that's in front.

Rest 1 minute and repeat a total of 5 times.


To learn more fitness and nutrition with Lindsey:

http://bit.ly/ChargeUpLaunchSpecial www.LindseyDayFitness.com

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FB: Lindsey Day Fitness
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YouTube Channel: youtube.com/c/LindseyDayFitness
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