Valentine’s Day Partner Workout

Fitness Friday
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It's Fitness Friday time!

Hearts will be beating faster from more than just a workout! It's Valentine's Day!

So grab your Valentine, significant other, or friend.

1- First is the partner push-up crunch! Ariana is crunching, exhaling as she lifts her body up. I'm pushing up, placing my hands on her knees, lowering down until my nose touches her knee, and keeping my body totally straight while I push-up!

2- Next is the partner bicep curl! Ariana lays on her back, holds my sweaty hands! How romantic! She keeps her body straight as I curl her up.

3- Third- you might need some adult supervision for this maneuver! The partner plank squat! Ariana is in a plank position while I stand on her back and squat, pushing out of the heels of my feet.

4- And finally- the partner scissor jump handshake! We'll alternate jumping one foot in front of the other, while giving each other a high five!

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