Former HPD officer Gerald Goines appears in court after being charged with murder in Harding Street raid

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Former HPD officer Gerald Goines made his initial court appearance Monday after being charged with two felony murders in connection with the botched drug raid on Harding Street.

Goines’ lawyer, Nicole DeBorde, says in the initial hearing Goines was given his bond conditions in writing. She says his bond conditions are standard for this type of case. The former officer cannot leave Harris County without permission and has to wear an electronic ankle monitor.

DeBorde tells us she believes Goines is overcharged and that the case should have gone to a grand jury.

“I have never seen it happen in a case of this nature. Never. So it has been the DA’s position from the beginning that this case would go like any other similar case to a grand jury so that a grand jury could hear the details and facts surrounding this case. That didn’t happen. Instead, this case was a direct file,” said DeBorde.

The district attorney’s office announced on Friday that he is charged with two felony murders, the murders of Dennis Tuttle and Rhogena Nicholas. They were the two people shot dead at their home during the raid.

The charges are based on evidence that prosecutors believe show that Goines lied about the victims’ drug activity, threat level, and other factors to obtain a “no-knock warrant” from a judge.

Steven Bryant, the other former HPD officer involved, is charged with tampering with a government document for knowingly providing false information in an HPD report filed after the raid.

Goines’ lawyer says he’s been cooperating with law enforcement since the start — since he gave the first interview about the case while still heavily medicated and in the hospital after being shot during the raid.

He surrendered on Friday and made bond, despite prosecutors hoping for a high bond and calling him a flight risk. His lawyer says that simply isn’t true.

“He doesn’t have the ability to go anywhere. His family is here and he has more medical treatment that he expects. It’s disappointing that they would lodge an argument that he would be a flight risk when he has done nothing but cooperate,” said DeBorde.

Fifty-four-year-old Goines was shot in the face during the raid. DeBorde told us that he’s had ongoing reconstructive surgeries on his jaw and face and that he has been in rehabilitation for his injuries too.

His next court date is set for October 8th. DeBorde says likely he won’t actually appear as it will just be the next step in exchanging information on the case with the government.


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