Heights residents remind drivers to be more mindful of walkers with this easy-to-buy sign

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As more businesses spring up in the Heights area, residents say speeds on the road are climbing, too.

Keep Kids Alive Drive 25 is doing what they can to catch drivers’ attention as they fly by.

Young Heights resident Eve McDermott, 6,  and several other concerned community members have started a grassroots effort to get drivers to slow down in the Heights.

“Tons of people ride their bikes, walk their dogs, so people need to slow down so they don’t run over them,” McDermott said.

Leann Mueller brought the initiative, which has worked with communities across the country for more than 20 years, to this popular Houston neighborhood back in April. She says it’s just what her neighbors need.

“That’s why I’m living here,” Mueller said. “I want to live in a walkable neighborhood that’s family-friendly and safe for everyone.”

Jolene Tollett and her daughter got on board right away— they say all they want is to get drivers more engaged.

“We want people to put down their phones…and then to slow down,” Tollett said.

They’re doing it through warning stickers that residents can place on both sides of their public trash can. When the cans are brought to the street— it’s a reminder for everyone to drive at a safe speed.  Local businesses have become distribution sites ,especially since so many business owners live in the Heights.

“For me it’s a way— practical way to deal with an issue that affects businesses and residents equally,” EQ Heights Social House owner Kevin Blasini said.

Mueller said the stickers are $2.50  each when you buy in bulk, and they go a long way in starting the conversation.

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