HPD: Teen admits to stabbing elderly woman to death, using her car and money to go buy food

Morning Dose
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HOUSTON —  Disturbing new details are coming out about the teenager who investigators say confessed to killing an elderly woman in her southwest Houston home over the weekend.

Marcos Cobos, 19, appeared in probable cause court Tuesday night for a capital murder charge. In court, the judge decided the suspect didn’t have the financial means to cover his bail and it was set at $0.

A citizen of Mexico, the suspect has spent most of his life in the United States. He is believed to be homeless and only has $150 to his name, according to court documents.

The suspect allegedly went to the woman’s home on Neff Street in the Sharpstown area about 10 p.m. Sunday and knocked on the door. The following afternoon, about 1:30 p.m., police responded to the home after the victim’s son found her body in the living room.

As police were investigating her death, Cobos reportedly returned to the crime scene driving the woman’s car, a 2016 Honda Accord.

A neighbor had already told police about a suspicious man in a Ford F-150 truck that had been parked outside the victim’s home for a couple of days. When police ran the plates, they found out the truck had been reported stolen out of Phoenix.

When Cobos came back, police said he pulled up right behind the stolen truck and started walking toward the home. That’s when police stopped him, the suspect reportedly waived his rights and started talking with them. He eventually confessed to stabbing the woman multiple times, according to investigators.

Cobos allegedly said when he knocked on the door, she only opened the door a little bit, but he forced his way inside.

“[Cobos] said the total time that had elapsed from his initial entry into the home until the complainant’s death was approximately forty minutes to an hour. The defendant said he spoke to the complainant during this time and that she pleaded for her life,” a court official said.

Cobos told officers that at one point he went to the kitchen to look for more knives when he heard the front door chime and realized the woman had gotten out on the front porch and was trying to escape, according police. He then grabbed the victim, restraining her in a bear hug, before stabbing her several more times until she died.

Cobos reportedly stole $560 from the woman’s purse and the keys to her car. He said he bought a new battery for the stolen truck and some food, which he came back to her house to eat. He also used one of the victim’s credit cards to pay his cell phone bill, police said.

The suspect is scheduled to return to court Thursday.

“I was shocked in this kind of neighborhood, knowing there’s a church here,” Doreen Desouza, a concerned neighbor Morning Dose talked to Wednesday said. “All parishioners, all neighbors here, we were really really shocked. Still shocked. Can’t get over it. It could happen to anyone in our area.”


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