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It’s Fitness Friday time! Today, Fitness and nutrition expert Lindsey Day is taking us through one of her leg days!

This is a workout that can really help us through the holiday season!  Leg workouts usually burn two times more calories than upper body workouts!

I've got something you're gonna love! It'll make you walk with a limp, hurt to sit down, and you'll bypass stairs by whatever means necessary. Yes ladies and gents- it's leg day with Lindsey Day!

1- We're starting with squats.

As I like to say, abs are made in the kitchen and at the squat rack!

Legs are the largest muscle group. Increasing your muscle mass is the best way to burn fat -including that stubborn belly fat!

If you don't squat low, you won't hit the muscles higher in the legs.

2- Here's a twist on lunges that'll put a pep in your step and grow the glutes! Lunge back side steps!

Take a big step back, keep the weight in the heel of the front foot, in the ball of the back foot.

3- Next let’s do bench stationary lunges to wake up muscles you thought were dead! Plus it's a great way to improve balance and flexibility all in one!

Place one foot on top of the bench, the other foot goes forward with the weight in the heel of the foot. As you squat all the way down it's really important to keep the knee behind the toe!

4 & 5- Let’s finish with the quad extension machine, superset with the laying hamstring curl machine.

Make sure you lower the pad all the way down and bring it all the way up to get a full range of motion.

Do 4 sets, 10 to 20 reps of all of that. Rest about 30 to 60 seconds between sets.

Good luck walking tomorrow!

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