Juice Caboose bringing freshly-squeezed juices, natural handmade products to local food desert

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Juice Caboose owner Melissa Marron started her business about four years ago, delivering juice to customers during her lunch break and between work shifts.

And her dedication was fueled by more than a goal to make money, but a greater purpose to help her community be healthier.

"I like to say we're different than the other food bars because we're located in a food desert, which means there is no access to fresh fruit, produce, vegetables— so we have a purpose," Marron said. "In the more affluent neighborhoods, you have grocery stores within three miles of each other. In a food desert, you may have only one grocery store for everyone in the community."

Typically, the quality of produce is also sub par and it's not affordable, Marron said.

In addition to freshly-squeezed juices, Juice Caboose serves various meals such as the menu's breakfast toast covered in berries and has a line of handmade beauty products.

Click here to learn more about Juice Caboose and its products.

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