Prosecutors seek life sentence after David Temple found guilty 

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Prosecutors in the David Temple trial are asking the jury to hand down a life sentence for the former high school football coach.

On Tuesday, Temple was found guilty of murdering his wife Belinda back in 1999. She was eight months pregnant at the time.

The defense is asking for leniency, arguing Temple’s son believes his father is innocent and does not deserve life in prison. However, the prosecution said for a crime this gruesome it’s what he deserves.

This was a retrial for temple after the original prosecution withheld evidence. During the first trial, he was given a life sentence.

Closing arguments ahead of retrial jury deliberations

Closing arguments are complete in the retrial of David Temple, the local football coach accused of killing his pregnant wife in January 1999.

In some regards, the retrial is a lot of what we already know about this case. Temple’s wife Belinda, who was eight months pregnant with their second child at the time, was found shot in the back of the head inside the couple’s Katy home.

Temple, who was having an affair with another school employee who he would later marry, said he was running errands with their young son at the time of the crime and that it was a burglar that shot his wife.

Prosecutors argue there was time for Temple to have committed the murder.

“If you look at the opportunity, if you look at the timing, it is clear Belinda Temple did not have a chance to take her bag up to the nursery where she wanted something to happen,” prosecutor Bill Turner said. “She didn’t have the opportunity to take her shoes off. She didn’t have the opportunity to take her glasses. It happened almost immediately.”

On the other side of things, the defense argued there were other suspects who authorities looked into and it was someone else who killed her. Again, the defense insists there was not time for Temple to have killed Belinda.

“When I asked how long does it take to get from Brookshire Brothers to Home Depot? Fifteen to 20 minutes? Buck said ‘yeah and maybe 30 if there’s a lot of traffic,’” Temple’s attorney Stanley Schneider said.

Both sides are saying this case comes down to the timeline. It’s up to the jury to decide whether they believe his alibi or if the prosecution successfully proved that he could have made it home in that 20-minute window.

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