Linebacker Josh White of Cy-Creek High School is this week’s Class Act

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Josh White is a standout student and linebacker at Cypres Creek High School.

"As a player, he's really fast and because of that he's in position to make a lot of plays for us," Coach Greg McCaig said. "He's physical, strong, coachable."

He’s talented, no doubt, but he’s also put in the work and thanks his mom for showing him how.

"She worked two jobs to keep a roof over my head and clothes so she really just taught me hard work. And if I'm dedicated to something, go all the way through with it."

His dedication is paying off, he’ll be suited up in purple and gold, playing for LSU in the fall. It’s not just football he’s committed to, he’s constantly pushing himself in the classroom, too.

"This is my 34th year, and 23rd or 24th year as a head coach," McCaig said. "I've never had a kid come to me and do what Josh did last year. He said, 'coach, I don't think my transcript has enough rigor in it, so should I take more upper level classes?"

Josh said he would love to play in the pros.

"Me and my mom always talk about it, I just want to speak it into reality," Josh said.

It’s clear though, he sees the big picture.

"After that, you have to have a life," Josh said. "So going into the classroom, when you get the education, that's forever. And when you get the degree, that's forever."

In his spare time, Josh loves to go fishing and would love to have his own fishing equipment business one day. He is thinking about majoring in marketing at LSU.

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