Spring ISD's Spring High School presents 'Arachnophile' and 'Origins of Capoeira'

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On the Art Spot this week, we're featuring student artwork from students over at Spring ISD's Spring High School.

Our first piece is by 17-year-old An Nguyen. She's a senior, and her piece is called "Arachnophile." She says the piece is a hyper-realistic digital art portrait of a man with spiders crawling all over him. An says by drawing a man, she tested herself for this piece because she usually draws female figures. She added a spider on the man's face as a way to poke fun at herself for her own fear of spiders.

Our second piece is by 16-year-old Ruth Hardy. She's a junior, and her piece is called "Origins of Capoeira." She says this piece is about the start of Capoeira. During slavery in Brazil, slaves weren't allowed to express their culture, and created a new way to retaliate without violence against those who enslaved them.

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