Texas-based organization works to reunite 100 children in orphanages with families this holiday season

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HOUSTON — Going home for the holidays, a lot of us look forward to it. But sadly, for the millions of children living in orphanages around the world, going home is simply a dream.

Miracle Foundation, a Texas-based non-profit, is trying to make those dreams reality as they work to send 100 children to loving homes this holiday season.

One Houston woman who has been involved with the organization since 2009 is involved in the effort.

“This little girl, I still remember her name, Priyanka," Leia Anderson explained. "She was kind of my little shadow. I don’t know. We just had an instant bond."

It’s been nearly a decade since Leia Anderson traveled to India as a volunteer with Miracle Foundation.

“You just see that truly these kids have nothing. It’s just on a whole different trajectory that they’re headed," Anderson said.

Though thousands of miles away, the children she met in India have a permanent place in her heart. Miracle Foundation is working to reunite 100 vulnerable children with their families this holiday season.

"There’s eight million kids in orphanages right now and 80 to 85% of those kids have a loving, caring family member who would love to take care of them, but they can’t afford to do that," Anderson said.

That’s where Miracle Foundation is working to bridge the gap. For Anderson, who is a mom now herself, it hits home.

“I definitely have moments where I remember specific kids and those interactions and thinking, 'Gosh, they are just like my kids,' and that’s what I want to get across. These kids are just like your kids, just like your grandkids, just like your nieces and nephews. These are your kids, too, and they deserve that chance just like anybody else’s kids," Anderson said.

Miracle Foundation is trying to raise $126,000  in order to send 100 children home to loving families this holiday season. There are also ways to donate to help with their education and mental health support.

You can learn more about their Home for the Holidays campaign here.

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