The Art Spot: James Madison High School students present “Ella Baker” and “We Were Born to Make History”

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Each week, we feature the artwork from students across the Houston area on our wall of student artwork, The Art Spot. This week, we’re showcasing art from students in Mr. Damien P. Wyre-Hunter’s art class over at HISD’s James Madison High School.

Dulce Vazquez Ramirez, “Ella Baker”

Dulce Vazquez Ramirez is a senior at James Madison. Her piece is a photo of Ella Baker, an African-American civil rights activist. The piece boldly states “Give light and people will find the way.” Dulce says she chose to highlight Baker because of what she represented – visibility for hard work and for underdogs who work even harder, even though they may not be seen or acknowledged.

Darlyn Siciliano, “We Were Born to Make History”

Darlyn Siciliano is also a senior at James Madison, and her piece is called “We Were Born to Make History.” At the top of her piece, it says “We will not be silenced or forgotten.” Darlyn says she was inspired to do this piece because of women’s rights and African American culture. On the left of her painting, Darlyn portrayed a well-dressed, sophisticated black woman. On the right, she depicted a hard-working woman.


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