Aldine ISD’s Carver Magnet High School presents ‘Ocean Upset’ and ‘We’re Coming’

The Art Spot
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On the Art Spot this week, we're showing you artwork by students over at Aldine ISD's Carver Magnet High School.

Our first piece today is by 16-year-old Jaquan Allen. It's a digital art piece called "Ocean Upset." Jaquan says that in the background, a factory spews waste that travels toward the coral reef in the foreground. The piece is simplistic in a way that makes it easily approachable, but also retains the meaning behind it. Jaquan wants the viewer to easily understand that pollution is harming our waters.

Our second piece is by 17-year-old Madison Franks. It's also a digital art piece called "We're Coming." Madison says the piece illustrates today's issues involving climate change by showing a human rising from the depths of the ocean, swimming after a swarm of fish with the words "We're Coming" in bold letters with sharp edges. Madison says that human actions are displacing our ocean's inhabitants and destroying our planet.

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