$29B Texas Coastal Spine Proposal


The ‘Ike Dike’ storm surge barrier (Texas A&M Photo)

HOUSTONTexas (KIAH) Just four days ago, the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers released its final study of a nearly $29 billion proposal for the Texas Coastal Spine – or Ike Dike. It’s meant to protect the Texas Gulf Coast from hurricanes and storm surge, like what we’re seeing from Tropical Storm Nicholas.

The US ARMY Corps of Engineers just completed its final proposal of the Texas coastal study. Often nicknamed the ‘Ike Dike,’ after hurricane Ike devastated our coast in 2008.

It’s meant to fight flooding, with a combination of “Gray” infrastructure, including seawalls, levees and pumps. Also, “Green” infrastructure, which includes restoring ecosystems along our coast to build natural resilience.

It would take 20 years to complete, and there’s a $29B dollar price tag on it. However, the ARMY Corps of Engineers says it would be worth it.

Maggie Glynn reports…

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