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HOUSTON (CW39) — Today marks the third anniversary of the Santa Fe High School shooting. Ten people died on May 18, 2018, including eight students and two teachers.

To honor the victims on that tragic day, five current and former students from Santa Fe High School, designed a remembrance piece called “The Unfillable Chair” to represent the absence of the fallen students and teachers.

The Unfillable Chair will stand over eight feet high, and the empty seat will be four feet wide by three feet deep. The exaggerated height reinforces the concept that the chair will never be filled and will sit in commemoration of those lost too soon.

“The Unfillable Chair”

Santa Fe High School students will lead a dedication ceremony today at 3:30 p.m. to unveil The Unfillable Chair to the Santa Fe community.

“Many suffered a tremendous loss on May 18, 2018, that they will carry with them forever,” said Megan Grove, Chair of the Santa Fe Ten Memorial Foundation, a nonprofit whose mission is to honor and remember those lost in the Santa Fe High School shooting. “The Unfillable Chair will be a beacon of light illuminating the darkness from within, recognizing ten kindred spirits that the students of Santa Fe High School will always remember.”

Students and the Santa Fe Ten Memorial Foundation are currently raising funds for the remainder of the memorial, which will become a permanent fixture at the high school. For more information or to donate, visit