400 Evictions a week in Harris County

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HOUSTON — At least 400 local evictions a week are being carried out along with the millions of Americans falling further behind on rent.

EARLY VOTING in Harris County, Sugar Land, and Katy

In Houston, so many are behind on their payments, they’re not being forced to leave their homes. In many cases, with only what they can carry, because they no longer have a car or help to move along. This comes as congress fails to reach a deal to get them much-needed help. However, Houston Mayor Sylvester Turner is offering rentals.

CNN’s Kyung Lah was there when Precinct One Deputy Bennie Gant with the Harris County Constable’s Office went around neighborhoods, to enforce judge ordered evictions.

Just this week, the CDC announced a federal national eviction moratorium that goes into effect Friday. Too late for the thousands already evicted. Some evictions will continue. There are specific definitions of who can and can’t be evicted.


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