Houston Weather – 5 Tips to Winterize Your Home


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 HOUSTON (CW39) Now is the time to prepare your home for winter weather if you want to avoid big repair costs.  According to the home improvement and service industry site, Modernize.com there are several ways to avoid getting stuck in the cold.

Check out their 5 home winterization tips:

  • Furnace inspection – change the air filter and schedule a professional inspection; the HVAC needs a once-over to avoid the cost of a new furnace replacement
  • Windows and doors – consider switching out screens for storm windows, check the frames for gaps and fill any with caulk or weather stripping to prevent heat loss
  • Clean out the gutters – remove debris to reduce the risk of ice dams or water damage; while on the ladder, try to inspect the roof or hire someone (it`s cheaper than a leak)
  • Hose and sprinkler management – for homeowners that live in colder climates, it`s best to disconnect hoses for the winter season and add a hose bib insulator; remember to blow out the sprinkler system too
  • Switch the ceiling fans to rotate clockwise – this produces a gentle updraft to force the warm air down; keeping a fan on low and running it clockwise allows owners to turn the heat down a few degrees to help with utility bills
  • Bonus tip – invest in heavier curtains to help keep additional heat inside

You can find more information about preparing your home winter here.

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