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HOUSTON (CW39) Many people are still planning to travel this month for the holidays despite the nation’s COVID-19 numbers. More than 9 million Americans passed through airports the week of November 20th through the 29th. Public health officials are bracing for an additional surge in coronavirus cases from Christmas and New Year’s.

The San Angelo Regional Airport is preparing for a potential traffic increase. They’ve seen a big increase in traffic and are slowly starting to climb back up. But they’ve have made a lot of changes at the airport. The FAA put out a guide called “The Road To Recovery,” really helping airports develop some cleaning protocols and preparing for increased travel through the holidays. The FAA recommended enhance cleaning since the start of the pandemic they now have electrostatic sprayers that they’re spraying inside every aircraft between flights.

They say they need to instill confidence back in the traveling public.

The CDC doesn’t recommend traveling by air. However, a Harvard study came out about the same time and said flying during the pandemic is very low risk because of the help of filters and because of that the implementation of the airports have done to to reduce the risk of COVID-19.

Large hubs like DFW, JFK, OR Chicago O’Hare have implemented several safety protocols at this point. People are starting to feel safe to fly anywhere in the U.S..

Flying may be a safer way to do it then taking a train bus or even your own vehicle. Airports encourage all visitors to be at least 6 feet apart from each other. The airlines also requires a mandate to wear a mask while in the terminal or any time you’re on board an aircraft.