Amazon driver helps diabetic Virginia man while delivering package

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SUFFOLK, Va. (WAVY) – An Amazon driver in Virginia is being called a hero after coming to a man’s rescue over the weekend.

Ryan Elliott was making deliveries in Suffolk on Sunday when he came across a man having a medical emergency. He said he saw the man on the ground shortly after he arrived at the home.

Elliott,  who has been delivering packages for Amazon for two years, said the homes in the area where he was delivering are spread out, so he’s just glad he showed up when he did.

“As soon as I pull up, I have a dog run up to me and once I open the door, I hear yelling: ‘Help me, help me, please,'” Elliott said.

Elliot said the dog directed his attention to the garage. “Inside the garage, there was a gentleman on the floor and he was face down, and he was yelling out for help,” he said.

Elliott called 911. While talking with dispatchers, Elliott learned the man is diabetic.

“I just laid there on the floor next to him and kept telling him, ‘Paramedics were on the way. I’m not going to leave your side,'” he said.

The man who lives at the home is named Mike, but he asked not to be further identified.

“I was dizzy when I got up, and when I hit that bottom step, that was it,” he said.

Mike said he was walking out to his garage when he believes he fainted due to his blood sugar levels.

“I cut my head, and my feet are all cut up because I didn’t have my shoes on. I’m sore all over,” he said.

Mike said Elliot is a hero who saved his life. “I was lucky,” he said. “I guess the good Lord was with me that day.”

Elliott says he was just in the right place at the right time

“When something happens just like that, it’s just instincts — jump in and you just do what anybody would do,” he said.

The men hope to reunite under better circumstances in the near future.



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