Arizona: Entire state under Flash Flood Watches


HOUSTON, Texas (KIAH) The entire state of Arizona, portions of western New Mexico and southern California under a flash flood watch.

The main story through Tuesday and Wednesday are the showers and thunderstorms expected to drape across Arizona as monsoon flow gets loaded up with left over tropical moisture from what was once Hurricane Nora.


It’s possible that these storms could bring gusty winds, hail, pockets of heavy rain and flash flooding as they pass through the region. As rain chances increase across the state so does the risk for flash flooding especially near burn scars.

Flash Flood Watches are in effect across Arizona, including the Phoenix Metro, on Tuesday and Wednesday.

By the time Thursday and Friday roll around high pressure builds back in allowing for storm chances to clear out. But that doesn’t last for long as Arizona gets another slight increase in storm chances over the weekend and into early next week, too.

Despite improvements, long-term drought remains for the southwest. In addition, warm and dry conditions are forecasted for the area this fall.


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