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Experiencing a traumatic event is truly devastating, especially as a child. Camp Janus at Camp For All is allowing kids to be kids —beyond barriers.

Camp For All’s Director Kurt Podeszwa and camper Jesus Hernandez explained the impact of Camp Janus on burn survivors’ lives and well-being. Camp Janus is a unique recreational, therapeutic and educational opportunity for children and young adults — ages 5-18 — who have recovered or are recovering from burns.

Camp Janus’ purpose is to offer burn survivors life skills helpful in handling the unique challenges of their individual, lifelong recovery.  The camp promotes an environment where burn survivors can become the best versions of themselves possible, where they can thrive in today’s world and where they can continually go beyond barriers.

Lexington Boutique in Uptown Houston is having “Tithing Tuesday” benefiting Camp Janus on July 16 from 6-9 p.m.. 25 percent of all sales are donated to the camp.