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HOUSTON (CW39) 2/10/2021 UPDATE Walmart announced today that select Walmart and Sam’s Club pharmacies will begin administering COVID-19 vaccines in Texas through the U.S. Federal Retail Pharmacy Program. As a preferred retail pharmacy partner in Texas and 21 other states, eligible customers will be able to schedule a vaccine appointment via the Walmart and Sam’s Club websites once appointments are available.

In partnership with the CDC and participating states, Walmart is working to move as quickly as possible to help administer vaccines to eligible populations. More than 1,000 Walmart and Sam’s Club pharmacies in 22 states are receiving federal vaccine allocations this week, with an emphasis on locations that reach customers in underserved communities with limited access to healthcare. While initial vaccine supply is limited, Walmart and Sam’s club pharmacists and technicians stand ready to help expand vaccine access across the country.

2/4/2021 First Walgreens. Now Walmart, along with Sam’s Club are teaming up to provide the COVID-19 vaccine to state designated priority groups. Texas is one.

These states and territories include Delaware, Maryland, Indiana, Texas and the District of Columbia, bringing the total to almost 150 stores and Sam’s Clubs across a dozen states and territories.

With so much interest about COVID-19 vaccinations and how people can get them, the two retail giants are expanding their offerings and working with more states to provide the vaccine to state-designated priority groups.

This week, the company is adding these five new states and territories to the list of locations delivering vaccinations to those populations the states have deemed eligible.

However, the catch — vaccinations at these locations are for state-designated priority groups, not for the general public.

In Texas, for example, the state allocates which locations receive the vaccine and how many, and the following Walmart stores are among the participants (start dates included):

Store #             City                              Address                                                            Start Date

283                   BRIDGE CITY               795 TEXAS AVE                                               1/25/21

284                   MANSFIELD                 930 N WALNUT CREEK DR STE 800              1/25/21

471                   LANCASTER                150 N INTERSTATE 35 E                                 1/25/21

513                   BIG SPRING                 201 W MARCY DR                                           1/25/21

1042                 BASTROP                    488 HIGHWAY 71 W                                         1/25/21

265                   TERRELL                     1900 W MOORE AVE                                        1/28/21

Other states providing COVID-19 vaccinations to designated populations decided by the state are Georgia, South Carolina, New Jersey, Louisiana, Arkansas, Illinois (Chicago-only), New Mexico and Puerto Rico.

Walmart and Sam’s Club are expected to launch online schedulers as early as next week, so eligible populations can sign up directly from the Walmart website.

Until then, patients wanting to schedule appointments or those confirming they qualify within designated priority groups should check the state health department’s website.