WACO, Texas – President Biden’s mandate for health care workers that get Medicaid and Medicare funds at health care facilities, would have been required to get their first dose of the vaccine by next week.

The deadline to be fully vaccinated was set for January 4.

But, Judge Doughty filed a preliminary injunction to block that for the time being.

All Baylor Scott and White locations required employees, providers, volunteers, vendors, students and contract staff to be vaccinated by October 1.

“We are committed to making the communities we serve healthier. Whether you are a patient, family member or employee, you can be assured that we have taken every measure to protect you,” BSW said.

Waco Family Medicine adopted a vaccine mandate in September.

“At present – we intend to maintain the vaccine requirement to the fullest extent allowed by law,” Waco Family Medicine said.

Judge Doughty argued in his ruling that the Biden administration does not have the constitutional authority to go around Congress and issue the mandate.

The mandate concerning federal contract employees is on hold in some states, but not in Texas so far.
That means Baylor University faculty staff and student employees must still be vaccinated by the deadline.

“An overwhelming majority of Baylor’s faculty and staff have already been vaccinated. President Biden’s executive order has been challenged legally by several states, including Texas, and it would be premature to discuss any specific compliance measures,” Baylor said.

91% of faculty is vaccinated, 87% of staff, and 80% of the student body is vaccinated.