TIPS: Grocery shopping, takeout and delivery during COVID-19 pandemic



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Need to go grocery shopping? During the COVID-19 pandemic, you’re encouraged to do more than wipe down your grocery cart.

How about ordering curbside service or delivery? You want to be sure you don’t carry the virus home to your family.

We at KIAH are looking out for you and your family by offering several tips on how to avoid infection.

Tips for Takeout & Delivery

Order your favorite go-to meal online and opt for contactless delivery

Many restaurants offer delivery through services like DoorDash. Instead of risking your health or that of others by going to your favorite eatery during home quarantine, why not order online for delivery?

Use your own cutlery and sauces, if you can!

You know the plastic fork and knife that comes with your takeout order? Let them know that you won’t be needing them and use your own instead. Do the same with more common sauces, like ketchup, to reduce the chance for contamination. 

Wipe down the bag and food container

Surfaces can hold germs longer than the air. That’s why it’s more important than ever to make sure you wipe down the handles of the bag your food arrives in, as well as the outside of the food container before you start to eat. 

Transfer food to a plate or bowl instead of eating out of the container

Take another step and transfer the food to a plate or bowl you own to avoid having the take-out container on your table. 

Wash your hands in between steps!

Be sure to wash your hands after touching the food container to avoid the transfer of germs to your mouth when you eat. It’s better to be safe than sorry.  

And when picking up takeout from a restaurant, be sure to wash your hands – or use hand sanitizer – before and after going to pick up your food. 

Grocery Shopping Best Practices

It’s inevitable. After a few weeks at home, even the best planners amongst us will have to venture out to the grocery store for more provisions. Here are some of our top tips to keep you safe from the moment you leave your house until you unload your groceries into your fridge.

Nix the reusable bags for now

Reusable bags sit in your grocery cart and on surfaces throughout the store as you move around before coming home to sit on your counters. For now, opt for disposable bags. Just be sure to recycle them afterward! If you still choose to use a reusable bag, use a soft surface sanitizing spray on them when you arrive home and before entering your house. 

When in doubt, wipe it down

Take advantage of the antimicrobial wipes provided at most grocery stores. Make sure to wipe down all parts of the shopping cart that you touch. Don’t forget to get the sides of the shopping cart as well as the handle. 

Consider gloves or wipes

If you have them, consider wearing plastic gloves to the store. Be sure to remove them before getting back in your car. You can also use disinfecting wipes to pick up items from store shelves. 

Utilize self check-out when you can

In order to minimize your contact with others, opt for self check-out if available. Make sure to use an antimicrobial wipe to wipe down any surfaces that you will touch during the process.

Take a wipe to go

Grab another wipe on your way out of the store to wipe down any surfaces in your car that you touch frequently, including the steering wheel and gear shifter. This can help to avoid germ transfer from the store to your home. 

Ditch the kicks

Don’t track unnecessary germs into your house! Take your shoes off outside or in the garage before bringing your groceries inside.

Wash all fruits and vegetables when you get home  

According to the FDA, all you need to get your fresh produce clean for consumption is water. Fill your sink with water and use a vegetable scrubber if you have one to remove dirt and other impurities before consuming.



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