Vaccine Update: 100 days in office



HOUSTON (CW39) — President Joe Biden will mark his 100th day in office tomorrow. You may remember, on The President’s 1st day as Commander-in-Chief, he promised to make 100 Million vaccines available by his 100th day in office and he succeeded before that deadline which is tomorrow. In fact, President Biden more than doubled the number of inoculations Americans received. As of today, more than 230 million shots have been administered. More than 50% of U.S. adults have now received at least one vaccine dose, and 37% are fully vaccinated. Here in Harris County more than 1 million people or 25% of the population have been fully vaccinated. However, in order to reach heard immunity, where most of us are vaccinated, we’ve got a long way to go. Due to concerns over the Johnson & Johnson vaccine causing blood clots in very few people, vaccination numbers have declined in recent weeks. For an overall update on where we are with vaccines, CW39’s Shannon LaNier spoke to, Dr. Dyan Hes. She is the medical director at Gramercy Pediatrics. 

This week the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention said vaccinated people no longer need to wear masks outside. It’s also important to note that on average, more than 3,000 people were dying every day when the President took office. Now, that figure is under 700 per day. Let’s just hope the numbers continue to head in that direction.

“Mask Update”

  • -Safe to be outside w/o mask
  • -If sick: wear mask
  • -In crowds, wear mask
  • -Practice social distance

“Vaccine Update”

  • -3 vaccines (Phizer, Maderna, J&J)
  • -Available 16 yrs and older
  • -J&J is safe for most

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Harris County COVID-19 threat level
Harris County COVID-19 threat level


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