VIDEO: City of Houston Coronavirus Update


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The coronavirus has killed more than 40,000 people worldwide according to the World Health Organization. Four have died of coronavirus in the City of Houston.

Currently, Houston has 1,277 cases of COVID-19. Houston also has 118 cases that have recovered.

More cases are expected due to opening more testing sites. As of now, numbers are still expected to peak over the next two weeks. Houston Mayor Sylvestor Turner says “the situation remains fluid.”

This morning, the City of Houston announced they will be leasing a three local hotels for three months in order to handle the expected increase in local cases. One is located downtown. The city’s COVID-19 account will receive $5 million dollars in its account. A solid plan will be finalized next week.

Dr. David Perse, from the Baylor College of Medicine says if someone tests negative, they may catch it the next day and advises to continue taking precaution over time.

Park goers are strongly encouraged to exercise social distancing. Basketball nets will be removed from parks all over the city to prevent viral spread.

When asked about a hospital that said they refuse to take COVID-19 patients, the Mayor confirmed that the City has jurisdiction to take over any hospital it needs in order to treat serve the public, including care for patients with COVID-19. “I’m hoping we can all work together,” he added. Ultimately, no hospital in the City of Houston has the power to refuse the City’s power to serve and hospitalize those in need.

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