LIVE: Houston Mayor, TX Governor daily coronavirus update 4/8/2020

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4/8/2020 5pm — Harris County Judge Lina Hidalgo is expected to make a public statement at 5pm. Check back for a LIVE look at that! JUDGE HIDALGO: Harris County public parks to for Easter weekend.

The City of Bellaire is jumping onboard with park closures. Here is their complete statement and parks set to close during Easter weekend:

Judge Hidalgo also requested that all cities within the County close parks to help mitigate the spread of coronavirus this holiday weekend.  In cooperation with this request, the City of Bellaire will be closing our parks beginning Friday, April 10 through Monday, April 13. 

This includes all public green spaces, play structures, and park equipment in all City of Bellaire parks, Paseo Park (Bellaire Blvd. Esplanade), sports fields, Evelyn’s Park and Nature Discovery Center.

4/8/2020 4pm — U.S. coronavirus death toll tops 14,000. President Trump is expected to give an national COVID-19 update.

Today, First Lady Melania Trump delivered this message to frontline responders:

4/8/2020 3:00pm — Mayor of Houston, Sylvestor Turner is delivering the daily updates on COVID-19 cases in Houston.

We have 60 new COVID-19 cases in Houston today.

Up one to 12 deaths being reported today. The one new death is an African-American woman in her 60’s with underlying conditions. Other deaths in Houston include 2 hispanic. 2 caucasion

We are within our base capacity. 368 hosital beds are being occupied by COVID-19 patients.

Here is a video of the official Houston update:

HFD is reporting the one firefighter is slowly making progress. 21 firefighters have tested positive. 122 are in quarantine. 101 responses to complaints with only one citation after the stay at home order.

HPD is reporting 119 personnel remain in quarantine. That’s down from 200 since the start of the stay-at-home order. Officials confirm a steady decrease in cases among personnel. 135 HPD officers and civilian personnel have been tested for COVID-19. Five officers have since recovered and returned to duty.

The one HPD officer in ICU since remains critical.

Overall, cases among HPD and HFD have steadily reduced. Experts say it takes about two weeks to ensure an impact on pro-action by the public (wearing masks, social-distancing). The public is encouraged to continue to keep the community safe in order to keep improving.

Social distancing will remain in effect until the end of the month. If we let up, then the numbers will spike and we’ll overwhelm the healthcare system. The parks remain open, but if I have to shut down the parks, I will.

Houston Mayor Turner

4/8/2020 12:30pm — Houston Mayor is joined by the Baptist Ministers Association of Houston and Vicinity to discuss #COVID19, and Easter for church services and activities for this weekend.

Mayor Turner is discouraging pastors from assembling together but continue virtual streaming online for Good Friday and Easter services.

Seven of the 11 who’ve died in Houston have been African-American.

4/8/2020 Noon — Today at noon, Harris County Sheriff’s Office observed a moment of silence today for those suffering from COVID-19, including Sergeant Raymond Scholwinski, who remains in critical condition after testing positive for COVID-19. Here is that video provided by HCSO:

Also around noon today, Texas Governor Abbott delivers update on state’s response. Details during the Governor’s LIVE broadcast include:

  • Walgreens will start drive through testing that will render 15 minute results.
  • Also, 96,000 people have best tested for COVID-19 around Texas. Among them, 9,100 have tested positive around the state.
  • Texas Workforce Commission remains overwhelmed with around 600,000 claims over the last two weeks. Anyone unemployed is encouraged to reapply for unemployment if they’ve previously been denied.
  • Texas based surgical mask maker Prestige Ameritech, is being flooded with orders for masks. Toyota is now producing face shields.

4/8/2020 11am — DAILY CORONAVIRUS UPDATE: U.S. officials record highest death toll in a single day. The death toll is now nearly 13,000.

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