HOUSTON (CW39) Viral cases cold be on the rise as kids return back to school.

Dr. David Winter at Baylor Scott & White Health said we expect to see an increase in cases once kids are in school.

Only half of kids are now vaccinated, so Dr. David Winter at Baylor Scott & White Health thinks parents should consider that.

If kids are 6 months or older, you are eligible for a vaccine. If you’re 5 years and older, you’re eligible for a booster. So he hopes parents will take action to help slow the spread of monkeypox.

Dr. David Winter at Baylor Scott & White

Harris County Judge Lina Hidalgo said that monkeypox is not all consuming like COVID-19. Adding that each day, monkeypox is becoming a bigger problem for our region and that she needs the community’s help with staying ahead of a possible outbreak.

Just recently, CDC recommended the vaccine for those living with HIV. “In Harris County, we have 30,000 living with HIV. We can’t offer the vaccine to that group because we simply don’t have enough to provide for everyone suffering,” the Judge said Tuesday.

So far, 17,000 vaccines are allocated locally from the federal government. However, they have not arrived yet. Each complete dose is twice per person so it treats half that amount. There is not an operational problem. It’s a supply problem.

Locally, in Harris County, we have 125 cases of monkeypox. Last week we had 50. Cases have increased 625% in the last three weeks. This is why we are asking the federal government for more vaccines.

Since opening the monkeypox hotline on July 20th, 4,200 calls have come in. Local authorities can give 600 vaccines per week right now. However, they are not offering it to anyone at the moment.