Where to get the COVID-19 vaccine in your county


A rendering of the COVID-19 vaccine. (Getty Images)

HOUSTON (CW39) — If you’re looking for a vaccine in and around Houston, look no more. Below is a list of counties around Houston. Click on your county to find and/or register for the covid-19 vaccine. Currently the vaccine is only available for Phase 1A & 1B residents.

CW39’s Shannon LaNier spoke with Acting Chief of Missouri City Fire and Rescue, Mario Partida who says 100% of first responders and workers in Fort Bend County have been vaccinated. Fort Bend county has received 6,000 more vaccines. They are recommending folks go to the local locations or register if they qualify, but who can get the vaccine.

Once you find out you qualify, you need to register and get on the waiting list. Many ask, “what’s the confusion in shortages and difficulty in making appointments?”

First responders who arrive at scenes are constantly at risk of being exposed to the virus.

Unfortunately, some of the city workers in Missouri City and first responders have been either exposed to or have actually contracted the virus.

They’re safer now, having been vaccinated. Partida tells CW39 that all first responders in Missouri City for instance, have completed all rounds of their first vaccinations and are now in the process of completing their second round so they can stay safe when serving the public.




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