MONTGOMERY COUNTY, Texas (CW39) — Don’t let a couple of rainy days fool you.

The Montgomery County Fire Marshal’s Office said it’s not enough moisture to end the area’s fire danger brought on by an extended drought this summer.

They estimated that 6 to 7 inches of rain is necessary to bring dried out soils to full saturation, and it’s unlikely the current weather pattern will provide it.

Lightning causes fires

Recent storms may have brought needed rain, but they’ve also caused destructive fires.

The Montgomery Fire Department determined that lightning strikes from storms last week started small fires that smoldered for several days.

They broke out into larger fires over the weekend once the rain stopped and the area dried out again.

Twenty-seven acres of land burned near Giles Road off of FM 1486, and an unknown number of vehicles were damaged.

The flames threatened homes, but firefighters from the Montgomery, Magnolia, Plantersville, and Richards fire departments along with the Texas A&M Forest Service were able to protect them.