HOUSTON (KIAH)– Lone Star college is working on new things to help train the next generation for their careers like truck driving.

Lone Star College truck driving graduate, Ryan Stout said, “The truck driving industry will always be around because people will always need commodities. LSC truck driving graduate. “I chose this field because I wanted a reliable career to provide a stable life for my family and to experience new adventures each day.”

Students interested in getting their truck driving CDL license through Lone Star, will have the opportunity to go through the Truck Driver CDL Occupational Skills Award Program for a seven-week (14-week-part-time) course. Students will learn to drive a tractor with 26,001 capacity load.

There will be an in-person information session on May 25 at 10 AM at the LSC-Transportation and Global Logistics Technology Center. Attendees will get a chance to speak with faculty and staff, tour the facility, ask questions and learn about financial aid that’s offered.

Linda Leto Head, LSC Senior Associate Vice Chancellor of External and Employer Relations said, “The Truck Driver CDL program can put drivers on the road in less than three months and offer them a well-paying career to support their families.”

LSC students that in the Truck Driver CDL Occupational Skills Award program will learn how to operate trucks and how to inspect loads to make sure its secure. After the student completes the program, they’ll receive a state-issued commercial driver’s license and have the opportunity to make between $50,000-$100,000 throughout their career.

LSC offers a Lone Star College Truck Driver CDL certificate with partners, Stevens Transport. With this program, students will get a three-four week commitment where students will earn a Class A CDL, a certificate and a job with Stevens Transport. Learn more here.