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HOUSTONTexas (KIAH) Spring Branch ISD has a lot to celebrate today with the grand opening of the new $33 million Hunters Creek Elementary School. This exciting event is scheduled for 4 p.m. Tuesday, Oct.12. located at 10650 Beinhorn Road in west Houston.

As part of the 2017 Bond Program approved by 80 percent of Spring Branch ISD voters, Hunters Creek continues the transformation of district facilities that began with the 2007 Bond Program. On top of that, with the current bond, the district will rebuild its eight remaining oldest elementary schools, in addition to Hunters Creek. The 107,686 square-foot Hunters Creek Elementary replacement campus is an upgrade from the original 61,937 square-foot building that opened its doors in 1954, when enrollment at the campus was estimated to be about 500 students. The new campus is built to accommodate 700 students.

District administrators say, the new Hunters Creek maintains the same focus as the original being at one, with the surrounding neighborhood and natural surroundings, large, open learning spaces, and windows which bring nature, trees, and foliage within arms-length of students and staff.

Some of the new innovations that students will see includes the collaborative areas adjacent to the classrooms. They have flexible furniture and active walls to support learning outside of the classrooms, for individual use or multi-class use. The cafeteria and gymnasium are even designed with overhead doors, to allow both spaces to become one contiguous space. The grounds also boast an outdoor covered play area, two play areas with equipment for all ages and a large playfield, and a walking track. A project advisory team comprised of parents, staff and community members served as an advisory group, to provide input that informed the ultimate plan for the new building.

Classrooms are even built around a central courtyard, with outdoor learning spaces, which helps to extend learning to the outdoors. All classrooms receive natural light and are equipped with flexible furniture and active walls. To learn about this new school, just check out the Hunters Creek Elementary Link.