HOUSTON (KIAH) – Texas Southern University and Rice University have announced an innovative tactic aimed at creating more resources for students and faculty. The two universities are coming together on a partnership to capitalize on the strengths of each school in effort to advanced educational opportunities.

The partnership will focus on the campuses shared resources and contribute to knowledge and the schools overall performance. Going forward, Rice and TSU will work to strengthen research and teaching relationships as new ones that come forth from the partnership.

The schools made the announcement this morning at the TSU Library learning Center explaining to students and staff how this new collaborative effort will be laid out. This may not have come as a surprise as TSU and Rice has already had history in collaborative education efforts. They’ve worked together for decades and already had research and a teaching projects in the works. Rice faculty contributed in a co-launched five-year effort to study population changes and opinions in a survey called, The Texas Trends Survey.

Rice also included TSU in a joint project aimed at producing more doctoral students of color in STEM fields. Two years ago, The Center of African American Studies at Rice University partnered with UH, TSU, and Prairie View A&M to form a collaboration committed the Southeastern Texas African and African American Studies Consortium which is an African American Studies scholarship.