Mysterious bond between a 6,300 dog and man


The story behind these 6,000 year old dog bones from Mystery Wire.

An obscure box of bones stashed in a western museum holds clues to one of the world’s oldest friendships, the one between dogs and humans. The bones were found in the 1950s. However, it took decades for scientists to figure out how special they are.

Mystery Wire’s George Knapp has the story.

It’s been said many times that humans don’t deserve dogs. The partnership between the two species dates back thousands of years, as this box of bones from the Nevada state museum proves. Some of the earliest humans in north america lived in the great basin more than 10,000 years ago, and one of those clans had a large canine who became part of the family.

The bones date back at least 6,300 years and were found in a place called Crypt Cave, along with the remains of early humans and other long extinct species. This particular dog was special, and the evidence is pretty clear.

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