MYSTERY WIRE: Interview with Art Bell


Art Bell

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Talk radio host Art Bell single-handedly transformed late night by giving serious treatment to UFOs, the paranormal, and assorted conspiracy theories, long before those became staples of cable TV and the internet.

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Art Bell, master of the macabre, started small but became the semi-official voice of things that go bump in the night when the program he founded, Coast to Coast AM, exploded into a worldwide phenomenon, popular not just with insomniacs and long haul truckers, but with legions of loyal followers who, it turned out, were hungry for information about subjects shunned by other media. Bell died in 2018, after leaving coast to coast years earlier. Back in August 2013, he was planning a comeback, preparing for the launch of a new radio show. He was no fan of on-camera interviews but sat down with us to chat about how fringe topics became more mainstream.

One of the last interviews he ever gave was with Mystery Wire’s George Knapp.

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