HOUSTON (KIAH) –  When it comes to entertainment, gaming is the number one choice for Gen Z. 

According to a survey by getcenturylink.com, Gen Z is more likely to identify video game characters than cultural icons.  They asked 1,800 Americans ages 16-24 to match video game characters and famous people with the correct portraits. 

According to the results, Gen Z correctly identified video game characters at an average rate of 80%.  When it comes to public figures, Gen Z identified public figures with 56% accuracy. 

Courtesy of getcenturylink.com

Survey takers recognized Princess Peach, a pal of Mario and Luigi, just 79% of the time.  The most recognized video game character is Pikachu.  The least recognized character is Lara Coft, with only 68% being able to recognize her. 

Courtesy of getcenturylink.com

For public figures, Gen Z recognized a diverse spread of icons featuring two artists, one activist, one politician, and one CEO.  One historic figure that didn’t make the cut, was Thomas Jefferson, with only 43% of respondents identifying him correctly out of five Founding Fathers. 

For a closer look at this survey visit this link.  

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