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Warning: Video contains graphic language

HOUSTON— We’ve heard of East Coast and West Coast battles before, but now the 3rd Coast has gotten in on the action.

A heated brawl has allegedly been brewing between New York rapper Tekashi69 and Los Angeles rappers Jooba Loc  and OG Spanky Loco for weeks now.

In the social media world of gossip, Loco allegedly initiated the Twitter war after he attacked Tekashi for pleading guilty to three counts of felony child abuse with a 13-year-old girl,and said Tekashi is no longer welcomed in Los Angeles.

Warning: Video contains graphic language

Tekashi responded to Loco through his social media page by showing up in LA for All Star Weekend. “I’m not hard to find, I’m out here,” he said.

Then came Jooba Loc

The same day that Tekashi let it be known that he was in LA, rapper and self-proclaimed Crip gang member Jooba Loc allegedly descended on Tekashi’s hotel room with about 50 other Crips.

Loc made it known that he would be coming for Tekashi for pretending to be a gang member, on top of the child molestation charges.

Warning this video contains graphic language

So how did Texas get into the beef?

Tekashi is known for calling out rappers and making outlandish accusations on social media, and it seems that Rap-A-Lot CEO, J.Prince, was among one of the names mentioned.

In a now viral video, Tekashi and a group of five men are seen getting attacked by two men who can be heard yelling “Rap-A-Lot” in the background. One of the men seen wearing a Rockets jersey can be heard on the video saying that he was from Texas and that they were not there for anything gang-related.

“Texas right here,” said the man.  “We ain’t on no gang sh**t.”

After the fight, Tekashi took to his Twitter to try and make light of the situation.

“Look at my face. Still untouched,” said Tekashi. “Stop playing with me, y’all can’t touch me. My chain still spinning.”

Tekashi then announced that he will be playing  Dallas, Texas Wednesday night and San Antonio, Texas on Thursday.

But after what everyone saw that went down on video, he may want to stay away from the Lone Star State!

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